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Overview NutritionSite Restaurant Benefits Pricing
Supplies / Equipment Needed
POS Machine, swipe cards, black marker, small box with alphabetical file cards, instruction card and table top basket or box
Electrical outlet where the POS machine can be connected during meal service
Telephone line to down load data at the conclusion of the meal service. If telephone line not available, download can be done from another location (office, home).


Assign Card To Participant
Write the participant’s name on the card using black marker File cards alphabetically in the box and keep box at the site. Card may be used immediately.

Once card issued office staff assigns the client MIS identifier/name at the SeniorDine® secure website

    Using SeniorDine® at Nutrition Site
The cards can be bundled for the current days reservations. As participant arrive, swipe their card on the POS machine and place their card back in the box or in a group of the following days reservations. Remaining unused cards can be swiped as no shows. Maintaining detail for both participation and non-participation. Download the accumulated meal data at the conclusion of the meal service via toll free phone call to SeniorDine® .
        Nutrition Site Program Benefits
Electronic program reduces traditional program paperwork. Records the event with a time and date stamp. Standardize site reporting with daily reconciliation. Generate reports or download files on demand at
Home SeniorDine® Admin Contact About
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