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   SeniorDine® offers the most efficient solution for
Nutrition Site / Restaurant program management



Swipe the participant’s SeniorDine® card on a POS (point of sale) machine and the event is electronically recorded.
Transmit event details to SeniorDine® via toll free phone call.
Manage Nutrition site / restaurant program data on the secure SeniorDine® website.
View and manage participant/restaurant files.
Generate standard & customized reports
Program Summary (daily, monthly, etc.)
Payer Information.
Monthly invoices for restaurants.
Track real-time trends and monitor program participation.


Highly scalable, able to meet the needs for one or all of the agency’s nutrition sites / restaurants.
Easy to use, flexible and affordably priced.
Efficiently reduces nutrition program paperwork.
Provides comprehensive program management via secure website at

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