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Sign-up Restaurants
Restaurants are solicited and signed-up to provide meals from approved menus at a set $ amount. POS machine and printer is installed at each restaurant. Restaurant must have telephone line available to transmit toll free call for meal authorization to SeniorDine®. Payment for the meal is provided by nutrition contractor from invoice supplied by SeniorDine®

Sign-up Diners        
SeniorDine ® program and sign-up dates are announced via newspaper, newsletters, presentations, etc. Approved participants are issued a swipe card. The card can be pre-activated for use immediately, or require activation via the web site

    Using SeniorDine® at Restaurant
The diner presents the card at the participating restaurant and selects meal from the approved menu. The card is swiped on the POS machine generating a meal authorization request via toll free phone call to SeniorDine® . Meal authorization granted by SeniorDine® and receipt is printed which includes meal credits remaining. The diner makes no payment when the meal is served.
Restaurant Program Benefits
Target funds to seniors with greatest need. Provide seniors with dining flexibility:
Increase program participation. Provide improved program cost control. Eliminate wasted meals. Increase diner traffic to the restaurant.